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Bold and bright


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Bold and bright


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From House to Home

There lies a profound power in every element of a house that adds to the life of it making it a home. All our ensembles are designed with deep contemplation of the narratives and mindful living that they will bring along to your home. Baya Roost is that nostalgia, a reminiscence that drives us back to the good old days when everything was hand crafted to give it a sense of love, care and blessings; that weaved memories for the generations to come.

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Tales of Empowerment


Kasturi Macrame Artist

“Baya Roost has become a platform where I have been able to showcase my talents, experiment on new techniques and designs. It is a part of my identity now.”


Kasturi Macrame Artist

“We were the first Kasturi artists and today we have walked this journey and reached this point. It is a nice feeling to see crochet being admired by people and in a way the art is being revived.”

Shankar Baba

Kasturi Senior Tailor

“It feels nice to work with simple, kind people. Work is a fun activity and everybody is equally involved in every work. It feels great to be a part of Baya Roost family.”


Warehouse help

“I have been associated with them for the longest time and it is a family for me now. We do everything together and I enjoy being a part of this family. I would love to see this family grow bigger every day.”

Our Patrons

“Bought Macramé mats, coasters, some bed sheets and a crochet bedcover. All look amazing and add elegance to my home. Quality of products is fantastic. Many good options available for gifting also. Shopping with Baya Roost was a nice experience.”


Vandana Pathak

“My love for bed sheets is never ending and when I visited Baya Roost I had fallen in love with the range they offer. Good fabric and amazing prints. I recently picked up a cotton towel and let me tell you it’s a must buy. Best part is they are available in all price range so you can choose as per your budget.”


Seema Aswani

“Bought hand embroidered cushion covers for our couch; trust me they have elevated the look of the room. You won’t get these designs anywhere. Absolutely unique and a pure collector’s item.”


Sunanai Manchandani

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