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There lies a profound power in every element of a house that adds to the life of it making it a home. All our ensembles are designed with deep contemplation of the narratives and mindful living that they will bring along to your home. Baya Roost is that nostalgia, a reminiscence that drives us back to the good old days when everything was hand crafted to give it a sense of love, care and blessings; that weaved memories for the generations to come.

Our choices count

The founding members of Baya Roost hold a deep affirmation in its shibboleth ‘We are our choices’. Baya Roost aims to carve its niche that is centred on the four staple pillars of ethics, responsibility, concept and utility. Our choices leave impacts and make us who we are. They have huge potentials of bringing change to the lives of many. Baya Roost models its process from manufacturing to sales a means of reciprocating goodness and giving back to the society. Some mindful and thoughtful buying can make a day for that artist who labours day and night to deliver us luxury of handcrafted goods.

Bringing inspirations and stories to your home

All our merchandises are a melange of the east, west, north and south having unique stories to narrate. An artist puts in his heart and soul in making that unique piece of art which embellishes different nooks of your house. So every time you invest into our merchandise you get home a piece of art narrating some unheard Indian Folklore especially written for you.


Kasturi is the deer musk. The deer runs all his life chasing the scent never to realise that it comes from his own body. We believe that every human has its own Kasturi. Instead of searching for it in the material world a deeper introspection, self exploration and realisation is a wiser choice. Kasturi is the belief in human potentials and a motivation that keeps us exploring art, culture and fine craftsmanship from across the country. It has kept alive the spirit of evolving into a better human everyday.

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