Kasturi is the deer musk. The deer runs all his life chasing the scent never to realise that it comes from his own body. We believe that every human has its own Kasturi. Instead of searching for it in the material world a deeper introspection, self exploration and realisation is a wiser choice. Kasturi is the belief in human potentials and a motivation that keeps us exploring art, culture and fine craftsmanship from across the country. It has kept alive the spirit of evolving into a better human everyday.

Kasturi is our petite endeavour to breathe life into the bit by bit fading art and crafts culture of the country and stimulating the stagnant market for hand crafted products. Kasturi has formed a small self- help group of local artisans. The interested candidates are trained in the skills of their choice ranging from embroidery, crocheting, stitching, printing etc. at no cost of cost at Baya workshop. Post completion of their training they are allotted orders. The raw material is allotted to them from the Baya warehouse and they finish the order from their homes

Tales of Empowerment


Kasturi Macrame Artist

“Baya Roost has become a platform where I have been able to showcase my talents, experiment on new techniques and designs. It is a part of my identity now.”


Kasturi Macrame Artist

“We were the first Kasturi artists and today we have walked this journey and reached this point. It is a nice feeling to see crochet being admired by people and in a way the art is being revived.”

Shankar Baba

Kasturi Senior Tailor

“It feels nice to work with simple, kind people. Work is a fun activity and everybody is equally involved in every work. It feels great to be a part of Baya Roost family.”


Warehouse help

“I have been associated with them for the longest time and it is a family for me now. We do everything together and I enjoy being a part of this family. I would love to see this family grow bigger every day.”

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Frayed Layered Sleeve

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